Services Offered:

Business to Business


APS approach to B2B receivables management

is to maximize the reimbursements of what is
owed while simultaneously understanding the importance of maintaining positive collaborative
relationships with your core customer and client base.


Partners Served:
Automotive Industry
Construction Industry
Industrial Industry
Manufacturing Industry
And many more…



APS understands patients’ medical challenges and responsibilities. Our core knowledge of the
insurance reimbursement process and the full spectrum of medical office billing procedures
allows us to maintain a level of empathy and courtesy with your patients while pursuing
maximum reimbursements for what is owed.

Partners Served:
Dentist and Medical Practices
X-Ray and Laboratory Facilities

Urgent Care and Primary Care Facilities 

Animal Clinics and Animal Hospitals 

And many more...


APS will be positioned as an extension of your organization’s core staff which will allow APS to
pursue maximum recovery of your organization’s past due account receivables while
maintaining your organizations’ impeccable reputation and image.


Partners Served:

Retail Clothing Stores 

Retail Furniture Stores

Retail Jewelry Stores 

And many more...