What about Advanced Pathway Solutions…

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1) What are your rates?


Many companies and/or organizations might think that choosing an agency with the lowest rates is a good business decision, but you do

"Get What you Pay For." 

While our rates are highly competitive, the rates have no consequence if the money is not recovered. Advanced Pathway Solutions (APS) implements and strategically follows
extensive procedures to ensure that your funds are recovered fully and quickly as possible.

We will achieve maximum reimbursement for our partners!!

2) What kind of collection results can I expect?
The chart below represents the typical Collection Agencies' decreasing expected rate of
return as accounts increase in age. However, in utilizing our innovative and
technologically efficient tools, our return rates and ratios have shown the inclination to
be significantly higher.

3) What information do you need to effectively pursue collection of my
organizations’ past due accounts?

All pertinent contact information, which includes emergency phone numbers, the
amount outstanding, date services were incurred, and a brief detailed description of
goods and services provided. If all the debtor's information is not readily available, our
national database skip tracing strategies and procedures will fill in the blanks so that we
can quickly and accurately locate the responsible party. Your organization may provide
this information in a convenient format of your choosing including data transfer, via
email or FTP site, excel spreadsheets, or printed and mailed copy. We will coordinate
with your organization to determine if an expedited process, via FedEx will be required
to deliver the documents as well.

4) What are your collection methods and procedures?

Advanced Pathway Solutions guarantee that your accounts will be worked
expeditiously, professionally, compliantly and with utmost courtesy.

1) Upon receiving your accounts, the accounts will be immediately uploaded into our system. At this
stage, our system checks and verifies all contact information through a
national database platform which provides us with the most current information for these
individuals we will be contacting to collect your money.  


2) Thereafter, a first notice is printed and mailed demanding payment in full which states if “Payment in Full” is not
feasible, then required contact with Advance Pathway Solutions is necessary to
establish a repayment arrangement. 


3) If no contact is established after 7 days, the
accounts are transitioned to our fully trained collectors who will begin the collection
process which entails direct calls to the entity and/or individuals in question.


4) If no payment or payment arrangements are established within 30 days, Advanced Pathway
Solutions will utilize the discretion, with our partners consent, to report the accounts to

the various credit bureaus.

5) Thereafter, a continued series of letters and phone calls
will be instituted until payment is made.


6) At our partners’ discretion, APS will
recommend, with approval, legal proceedings if the above actions produce no results.

5) When will remittances be provided?
Customized reports are generated monthly for all recovered funds received during the
specific month and the partner will receive a statement with a check or another chosen
method of remittance within 15 business days after the close of the month. Reports
and/or remittances can be requested more frequently, if desired. Partners will also be
provided online access to their accounts where daily, weekly, and/or monthly progress
updates can be viewed at their discretion.



7) What if my organization only
have a few accounts?


Many new clients will typically place 10 to 500 accounts with APS as an initial starting
point. If your organization only have a limited number of accounts, there is no difference
in cost if the account placement is 2 or 2,000 for setting up as a new client in our system
and assigning a login access to check the status of your accounts. However, for new
clients with only several accounts, a potential one-time charge of $100.00 may be
assessed to receive the full scope of collection services offered by Advanced Pathway
Solutions and of course this is no guarantee of netting the results desired. ALL accounts
will get our best efforts!

6) How do I sign up for APS services?

Contact our sales department via email or telephone contact with a brief
description of the approximate number of accounts and the type and dollar
amount of the referenced accounts to be placed with Advanced Pathway
Solutions for collections, which will allow us to generate a very competitive quote
for performing all related collection services. This simple procedure will

immediately set up an account for your organization in our system, which is not a
binding contractual obligation with APS. This process only serves as an
agreement with APS and allows your organization to cancel our services
anytime with a 30-day written notice.